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Best Live Performing Country Artist

There’s nothing quite like country music to put you in a feel-good mood. If you’re watching a live concert, even better! We’ve seen our fair share of country artists performing on stage, and we definitely dig the vibes. Every artist seems to have their own unique style and flair, and it only adds to the […]

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The Difference Between Folk and Country Music

If you’re like us, you have a wide range and an eclectic taste in music. Everything from rock to soothing instrumentals, we love all of it! Our particular favorite genre, however, has always been country. For many reasons, including captivating stories, upbeat rhythms, and all-around fun dancing we tend to choose Country above the rest. […]

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Colorado Hunting

Colorado was a big frontier back in the days of the Wild West. The area sits where the Great Plains come crashing into the majestic Rocky Mountains, and this gives the state a diverse amount of areas for wildlife to roam. In fact, Colorado has ten species of big game, most notably: black bear mule […]

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Apple Picking in Colorado

Nature’s purest reward is the blossoming of the foods we eat. There are very few things more delicious than freshly picked fruit.  Apples are among our favorites! Lucky for Coloradans, the Centennial State is the perfect place for apple orchards, and now is the best time for fresh picking. You can find some of Colorado’s […]

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Best Fall Camping in Colorado

Missed your window of summer camping in the Colorado outdoors? Don’t worry, Autumn can be a fantastic time of year to explore the wonderful Colorado outdoors. There’s a reason our decor inside Grizzly Rose is the way it is – it reminds me of the great outdoors and fall season. With temperatures cooling and less […]

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Hot Air Balloon Rides Colorado

There’s no beauty like the Rocky Mountains; they’re known as one of the most prestigious mountain ranges in the world. Those interested in seeing it up close will find that hot-air balloon rides in Colorado are one of the best ways to experience this natural wonder. In fact, hot-air balloon rides can be exhilarating and […]


Top 10 90s Country Songs

The ’90s was a good time for country music, prior to earlier times. During the 1940s, country music wasn’t a big mainstream genre as it was in the ’90s and now. It was just a regular genre with its own fair share of ups and downs. Towards the end of the ’40s and the beginning […]