There’s nothing quite like country music to put you in a feel-good mood. If you’re watching a live concert, even better! We’ve seen our fair share of country artists performing on stage, and we definitely dig the vibes. Every artist seems to have their own unique style and flair, and it only adds to the ambiance. Throw in your favorite country tune and you’ll be shouting until your vocal cords are stripped thin and dancing until you’re unable to walk.

A few years ago Grizzly Rose ran a poll asking our followers which country artists they would love to see live more than once. The response we got was phenomenal, albeit a little even across the board. We realize the question is subjective given that everyone has their own general taste; yes, even in one single genre. Fortunately, country music can be very eclectic. Instead, we decided to give you a rundown of the best live performing country artists — in no particular order.

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Best Stage Acts

If you’re a country music fan, you’ll know that the live show is probably just as important as the music. We’re talking about lighting effects, dancing, big sound, and even bigger hats! All of the flare that makes a live show feel unique and, even, magical. Below are some of the best live performing country artists with a show so big, you’ll have to follow them on tour.

Kenny Chesney

This Eastern Tennessee country sensation is known to pack a house with his larger-than-life live tours. In 2018, his Trip Around the Sun tour brought in over a million fans at the Foxborough Gillette Stadium. Fans often describe his shows as having so much energy and so much heart. It must be why he’s the single biggest country seller at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

Tim McGraw

No surprise that Tim McGraw continues to be one of the more popular acts and dubbed a true best live performing country artist. The more recent news on his live performances is, in 2019, he announced touring with his famed wife, Faith Hill. Together, the pair has sold out shows across the nation, which are drawing in crowds from everywhere. The duo is known for their amazing vocal range and lighting effects.

Taylor Swift

Disclosure: Taylor Swift shows aren’t just for teens. Her sold-out shows draw all age groups from around the country. There’s a lot to be said for her presence and show-winning tunes. Plus, she often has elaborate sets and at least twenty songs on her setlist. If you’re looking for a best live performing country artist, Taylor Swift continues to be a crowd-pleaser.

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Best Live Music

Often, country artists work to make music the focal point of any live show. They produce a range of ballads to upbeat tempos to ensure that their crowds get exactly what they paid for: a brilliant show. Time and time again, these best live performing country artists have proven themselves through leading vocals and even better-set numbers.

Miranda Lambert

This country spitfire doesn’t just show up with her pink guitar. Her fans are never disappointed when leaving one of her live shows. She’s also been known to use a few props every now again including stage sets, bubbles, and even other supporting artists. Further, Miranda Lambert is a CMA Nominee for Female Vocalist of the Year. We highly encourage anyone who has the chance to watch her live.

Zac Brown Band

These musicians have been grouped in with different styles in the country genre including bluegrass, folk-rock, southern rock, country pop, and others. Using a variety of instruments, they have a style and sound all their own. They feature instrumentals like the usual acoustic and electric guitar but then incorporate others like the violin, tambourine, and upright bass.

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The Original Country Stars

Country has a long history, mixed with different trends and musical selections. Over the years, most of us country fans have come to appreciate its evolving style. However, many of us are still drawn to the “OGs” of country. We had to include them in our list of the best live performing country artist. Certainly, if you like the next few, you’ll probably be clapping for all of the classic country stars.

George Strait

Although a favorite among our parents’ generation, George Strait is still known to pack a full-house when on tour. Dubbed ‘King of Country’ he offers his beautiful and melodic country ballads and well-known songs for each live concert. His live show, while it doesn’t carry the pizzaz of newer gen country bands, still offers up all of our favorite songs we grew up with.

Toby Keith

This New Zealand-born country superstar has a crowd all his own. In fact, most of his diehard fans have been known never to miss a show. Many say that he’s “riveting” on stage and it’s no wonder that his shows are often sold out and his albums hit quadruple-platinum. While not a prototypical lights, smoke and set action, Toby Keith has the voice to win over any crowd when on tour.


From old to new age country, there’s an endless list of amazing singers and performers. It makes writing this article difficult. However, for the sake of naming a few more, we’re including these in our miscellaneous pile. Trust us, we could probably name a hundred more! Other country artists that are worth a ticket purchase include Lady Antebellum, Dwight Yoakam, Keith Urban, Florida Georgia Line, Luke Combs, and Rascal Flats. All of these artists appear on a number of best live performing selections within the country genre. Plus, if you’re a die-hard fan like us, you’ll catch every live country show in your area.

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Grizzly Rose Denver

Denver has its own unique venue that celebrates country artists whether big or small. We offer live shows, great drinks, and an even better atmosphere. Our past lineup has included big names like Luke Combs, Montgomery Gentry, Eli Young Band, Blake Shelton, and so many others. And if you’re interested in learning to dance, we also offer dance classes right in our venue for couples and singles. If you find yourself in Denver, be sure to check out a list of our event dates, or just stop in during one of our weekday specials. We love welcoming our own crowd and celebrating the splendor that is country music.

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