One of our favorite country artists that have performed at the Grizzly Rose on various occasions, has just launched a new album! Here you go, die-hard country lovers. Here’s everything you need to know about Jason Aldean 9 album. It launched on November 22, 2019. There’s so much to expect from this new release, and even more heart-grabbing facts as we look at his tour dates over the next several months. More on that below. For now, let’s just run through some of what we know and love about this new album release.

Jason Aldean 9 Album

The Title

Everything to know about Jason Aldean 9 album starts with the title. There is more than one reason Jason Aldean has titled his latest album “9”. It is, in fact, his ninth album. But, Jason is a huge baseball fan and his team number was 9. As he explained in an interview with The Tennessean when he was a teenager, he signed everything with his name and the number ‘nine.’ It seems ideally fitting.

Album Facts

Aldean has teamed with veteran producer, Michael Knox, to complete his ninth album. “9” features a lead single “We Back”. The song was written by Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line.

One of his fans described the song as an awesome rocking country song. In fact, “We Back” is a throwback to some of Aldean’s earlier songs like “She’s County” and “My Kind of Party”. In this newest single, Jason pays tribute to the good old days and how they come back around.

Aldean describes the music on his new album as a blend of twangy country, hard rock, and hip-hop swagger.

When asked his thoughts on this new album and the prospect of an extended tour, the star commented that he would put a priority on eating healthy and keeping fit. This is a new territory. Perhaps being over forty has brought new emphases. For Aldean, the ability to experiment with new songs and genres is important. He wanted to include the rock aspect of his music as well as the traditional country music his fans expect. He has also tried some rhythm and blues material.

“9” shows the influence of some people he admires. To complete the album, Aldean looked for great songs in all these genres. It is his hope that each of the sixteen songs on the album will become singles hits.

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The sixteen-track album includes

  1. “Tattoos and Tequila” (Michael Dulaney, Neil Thrasher)
  2. “Blame It on You” (Kurt Allison, John Edwards, Tully Kennedy, Michael Tyler, Brian White)
  3. “Champagne Town” (Matt Dragstrem, Josh Thompson)
  4. “Some Things You Don’t Forget” (Nick Brophy, Michael Dulaney, Jennifer Hanson, Neil Thrasher)
  5. “Got What I Got” (Thomas Archer, Alex Palmer, Michael Tyler)
  6. “Keeping It Small Town” (Jaron Boyer, Ben Hayslip, Morgan Wallen)
  7. “Camouflage Hat” (Ben Hayslip, Jameson Rodgers, Josh Thompson)
  8. “Came Here to Drink” (Jaron Boyer, Alex Palmer, Michael Tyler)
  9. “We Back” (Tyler Hubbard, Jordan Schmidt, Brad Warren, Brett Warren)
  10. “Dirt We Were Raised On” (Rhett Akins, Jaron Boyer, Josh Thompson)
  11. “I Don’t Drink Anymore” (Kelly Lovelace, CJ Solar, Neil Thrasher)
  12. “Cowboy Killer” (Jaron Boyer, Josh Hoge, Michael Tyler)
  13. “One for the Road” (Lynn Hutton, Brandon Kinney, Josh Thompson)
  14. “Talk About Georgia” (Kurt Allison, Tully Kennedy, Michael Tyler)
  15. “The Same Way” (Brock Berryhill, Brantley Gilbert, Cole Taylor)
  16. “She Likes It” (Jaron Boyer, Ben Stennis, Michael Tyler)


Besides “We Back” Jason Aldean’s latest album includes three other songs already on digital streaming platforms. These include “Blame It on You” and “I Don’t Drink Anymore”.

In “I Don’t Drink Anymore” Aldean joins neo-traditionalist artists including Jon Pardi. Theirs is a celebration of the roots of the genre. The third song is a zippy, pop/country tune about hometown memories called “Keeping It Small Town”.

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Touring Plans

With the release of his ninth album, “9,” Aldean starts a Las Vegas residency in December and a 2020 headlining arena tour.

There will be a heavy tour. However, the kickoff occurs between December sixth and eighth with a big Las Vegas show. Aldean has always wanted to bring his show back to Las Vegas. It will be their first show in Vegas since the October 2017 mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival.

Titled “Ride All Night” the three performances, mini-residency will be held at the glitzy fifty-two-hundred-seat Park Theater in Park MGM.

With such an ambitious touring project ahead, Jason Aldean is attempting to balance family life with two young children and weeks spent on the road. He noted that his wife and children occasionally travel with him but the kids quickly tire of life aboard the tour bus. So, they try to make these trips short ones. Thanks to technology and innovations like Face Time, he can stay in touch with the family while on tour.

Jason Aldean, the Performer

Born in Macon, Georgia on February 27, 1977, country music singer-songwriter Jason Aldine Williams has just released his newest album, “9”. Since 2005, he has had twenty-four singles. His 2010 album “My Kinda Party” is a quadruple-platinum. He changed his name to Jason Aldean because Williams was a common name in the music business.

Here are some other facts about the widely celebrated singer:

  • His parents were government employees. Debbie his mom worked for the Farmer’s Home Administration. His dad, Barry, was a federal worker.
  • Jason was married to Jessica Aldean in 2001 and to Brittany Kerr in 2015. He has two daughters, Kendyl and Keeley, who are softball players.
  • Every day after work, young Aldean played guitar with his dad. He got so good at learning new songs his dad assigned each morning that he could play the song perfectly after hearing it once.
  • Jason Aldean’s career could have gone another way. He was a baseball star. He received many college scholarship offers. His childhood dream was to play in the major leagues.
  • Jason Aldean first performed in front of a crowd at the age of fourteen in a VFW hall. He sang covers of two of his heroes: Tracy Lawrence and John Anderson.
  • While hoping for a hit song, Jason drove a truck for the Pepsi company.
  • Together with Luke Bryan, Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson and MLB players Adam LaRoche, Ryan Langerhans and Tombo Martin, Aldean owns a hunting gear company called Buck Commander. They all have matching Buck Commander logo tattoos.

In September of 2017, Jason Aldean talked with Grizzly Rose about his present and future projects. Everything you need to know about Jason Aldean 9 album begins with a good listen. Stop into Grizzly Rose and you’ll likely catch us jammin’ to some of his tunes. Let us know what you think of this new release in the comments below!

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