Phil Vassar Interview Grizzly Rose

Phil Vassar Interview

Last month we had the pleasure of hosting Phil Vassar at the Grizzly Rose for a fantastic show! After the show, we had a chance to ask Phil a few questions about his life and career as a musician. Here's what we learned. Enjoy what he had…
Eli Young Band Photo

Eli Young Band Interview

Eli Young Band is coming to the Grizzly Rose first thing next year on January 6th. Click here to purchase tickets. We had the chance to chat with Chris Thompson the drummer from Eli Young Band to ask some questions about the band and…
A History of Bull Riding
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The History of Bull Riding

Eight seconds doesn’t really sound like a long time, does it? Well, if you find yourself clinging to the back of a gigantic, angry bull, then it suddenly feels a lot longer. That’s what bull riders face today, and it’s incredibly impressive…
Cole Taylor Cold Beer

Cole Taylor Interview

Tonight we have the pleasure of hosting Cole Taylor for a country music concert at the Grizzly Rose. We were able to interview him beforehand to get the inside scoop about his life as a musician. We are very excited for the show and here…

Michael Ray Interview

Michael Ray at the Grizzly Rose Saturday, October 22nd. Tickets:   Why/how did you decide to become a musician? Grew up in Eustis with his family’s band his granpa dad uncles and cousins all played. You could say…
History of Two Step
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History of the Two Step

All fans of country music know that it was absolutely made for dancing, and there are plenty of different styles that you can let loose to. One of the most popular types is the Two Step, and this is one that you have to try if you haven’t…
Cross Country Horseback USA
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Riding a Horse Across the USA

Have you ever ridden a horse? Did you feel like a true a cowboy roaming the Wild West? You should, but a few other modern rebels may have you beat. If you’re satisfied with your past experiences, then you should stop reading now, but if…
Exile Country Music Live Performance
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Exile Interview

Exile has been gracing the ears of country music fans for over 40 years. What started as a rock band and eventually transformed into playing country music, Exile has played music all over the world. At the Grizzly Rose we recently had the…
Haunted Brown Palace Hotel
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Denver: A Different Kind of Ghost Town

Colorado is full of ghost towns, but that title doesn’t always stand for what you think it does. Of course there are abandoned old mining towns scattered throughout the mountains, and we’ve already picked our favorites to visit out of those.…