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Denver: A Different Kind of Ghost Town

Colorado is full of ghost towns, but that title doesn’t always stand for what you think it does. Of course there are abandoned old mining towns scattered throughout the mountains, and we’ve already picked our favorites to visit out of those. However, Denver is a different kind of ghost town. There are a lot of spirits rumored to be haunting the hallways of local buildings and roaming the streets at night.

So read on, if you dare…

Haunted Brown Palace Hotel

Brown Palace Hotel

This luxury hotel was built in Denver in 1892, so is it really surprising that it has some ghosts inside? It has played host to numerous presidents, the Beatles, and quite a few other interesting people over the years. There was even a shootout among some high-society members in 1911! But, there are rumors of a train conductor ghost who walks through the halls, phone calls from empty rooms, crying babies that don’t exist, and even an invisible band that occasionally starts to play.

The Buckhorn Exchange

This restaurant has been serving the people of Denver since 1893, and it impressively holds the very first liquor license issued by the state of Colorado. The original owner had been part of Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West performances, and the restaurant was a sort of continuation of the Old West storytelling. However, the stories say that many of the miners and railroad men who used to eat here never actually left, and you can hear many of their spirits moving around. It’s even said that tables move on their own, so make sure to hold on to your drink!

Ghosts Cheesman Park

Cheesman Park

Ah yes, Cheesman Park. This is a great place to spend a sunny day, and you can even take a trip to the Denver Botanic Gardens.  Fair warning, though, it was a major cemetery for years before being turned into a park. A lot of the outlaws and other rough types buried here are said to roam the park at night, and they also haunt a lot of the nearby houses.

Croke-Patterson Mansion

Just one look at this 19th-century mansion, and it won’t be hard to believe that it’s haunted. Rumor has it that the original owner entered the house for the first time, had a spooky experience, and immediately sold it without ever returning. The workers renovating the house in the 1970s had to constantly battle mysterious changes to their work, and it seemed something was moving things around at night. They left two guard dogs to protect it, but they were found dead on the sidewalk the next morning. Apparently something scared them enough to jump from a window on the third floor.

Today, a little girl haunts the house, and one of the previous owners is also known to make appearances.

Denver Public Library

The opening scene in Ghostbusters convinced many of us that libraries are haunted, and the central branch of the Denver Public Library doesn’t disappoint. The ghost ironically hangs out in a basement full of children’s books, and it’s believed that he’s a former librarian who isn’t ready to leave yet.

Hotel Teatro

This may seem like a modern, luxury hotel, but it has a past that dates to 1911. The most famous ghost is a mechanic who often walks around with his tools, but it’s hard to say if he ever actually fixes anything.

Lumber Baron Inn

This mansion was built in 1890 by, surprisingly, a lumber baron. It was fancy back then, and it’s been returned to its glory, but it hit a rough patch in the 1970s where it was abandoned. The story goes that a 17-year-old girl ran away from home and was murdered here, and then her friend was also killed while looking for her. It doesn’t take a paranormal investigator to decide why those spirits would be unhappy.

Haunted Molly Brown House

Molly Brown House

This was once the home of “The Unsinkable Molly Brown” who did a lot of noteworthy things in her life – including surviving the sinking of the Titanic. She seems to have moved on, but there have been many reports of smelling her husband’s pipe smoke, seeing her cat walk by, and experiencing a spooky butler.

Haunted Denver Oxford Hotel

Oxford Hotel

This may be a fancy hotel nowadays, but a lot has happened since it was originally built in 1891. From ghost patrons in the bar to murdered guests, there have been quite a few spooky experiences over the years.

Are You a Skeptic?

Look, we get it. Some of these stories may seem like a stretch. Or, maybe you’re just a skeptic at heart, and you refuse to believe in ghosts altogether. Sure, these stories are just creaky old buildings full of people with wild imaginations. Fair enough. But, will you hang out at them alone in the dark to prove your point?

Any Other Ghostly Hangouts that We Missed?

For the non-skeptics in the group, what other haunted sights do we have around our city?

Fortunately, you’re safe and sound in the Grizzly Rose. So when you get too spooked out by spiritual sightings, come cheer up with some happy music!

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