Cole Taylor Interview

Cole Taylor Cold Beer

Tonight we have the pleasure of hosting Cole Taylor for a country music concert at the Grizzly Rose. We were able to interview him beforehand to get the inside scoop about his life as a musician. We are very excited for the show and here is what he had to say in this Cole Taylor interview:

Have you played at the Grizzly Rose before?

I have not but I’ve heard a ton about it and can’t wait to be in Denver.

Where was the most memorable show you ever played and why?

I think the most memorable for me was a pre show at Turner Field for the Atlanta Braves and for the simple reason that I’m such a huge Braves fan that even now looking back that was still a cool moment

If at this point in your life you could no longer work as a musician or in the music industry at all, what profession would you pursue?

I probably would have finished my accounting degree or I’d be working for my dad back in Georgia doing taxidermy and deer processing

If you had to change genres of music as an artist, what would you choose to play?

Pop music has always been really interesting to me so probably pop.

Who were your biggest influences?

Garth Brooks was a huge influence just seeing how he could have a crowd on the edge of their seats and make them feel every bit of energy he was feeling.

Which song is currently the most fun for you to perform live?

My new single “Cold Beer” is a blast to play live. It’s just a big chorus in your face, real energetic and lyrically right down what I do and who I am.

If you had to live in one state for the rest of your life besides the one you came from, where would you choose to live?

I’m from South GA and Nashville TN is where I live now. I love both of those places. But if I had to choose one just random place that I love, it would be Steamboat Springs, CO. Went there last February and LOVED IT!

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