Michael Ray Interview

Michael Ray at the Grizzly Rose Saturday, October 22nd. Tickets: https://goo.gl/5u0Mzc


Why/how did you decide to become a musician?

Grew up in Eustis with his family’s band his granpa dad uncles and cousins all played. You could say that I was born into country music.


Who were your biggest influences and why?

My Grandfather – he introduced my family and myself to country music. I’m a huge Gary Allan fan, I admire the honesty in songs and Garth Brooks of course.


What’s your favorite song you’ve ever written and why?

A year ago Yesterday – Keep an ear out for it.


Is there anything you are working on right now that you can share?

Been working up some surprises that you’ll see on the Think a Little Less Tour – You’ll have to come to the shows to find out!


Being born in Florida was there any inspiration from this area that comes through in your music?

More so than Florida, a small town. Growing up in a small town comes through in all of my music I feel  – Nashville has been a influence on my writing and career.


What’s your creative process for developing a song? Do you draw on personal experiences?

Yes…. And No – Sometimes I can relate to the emotions of a friend or something I saw on TV or read in a book  – Sometimes I write about my own. Connecting to the emotion, even if it is not your own, is what I try to do in my songs.


What’s your favorite song that is currently out right now and why?

Darius Rucker – If I told You

Being out on tour with Darius this summer and hearing it every night it is on the soundtrack of my summer, it’s one of the most honest songs that I can remember hearing in a while.


What’s your favorite thing about playing at the Grizzly Rose?

Headlining it is a dream come true

The best thing about playng the grizzly roase is that I get to play the grizzly rose!!!! Can’t wait to see you all there!


What’s one thing you would like to tell all your fans?

To thank them and that I love them and I am grateful their support

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