Why Country Music is the Best

Country music is the best, but you probably already know that! Whether you’re a lifelong fan or just started listening, have you ever stopped to think about what it is that makes it so great? Even through all the different types played by various artists over the years, most of it shares some common traits that contribute to it having such a fun and nice feel to it. It’s more than just the sound, and it also has to do a lot with the lifestyle.

Mosey on through this list to see some of the reasons why country music is the best.

Why Country Music is the Best

Positive Values

Some music styles follow rebellious themes that encourage people to become trouble makers, and others flat out promote breaking the law and hurting others. Fortunately, country music most often pumps out positive values to listeners. Many, but not all, follow positive messages that help people on a bad day, or encourage them to make the world a better place when they’re on top. While so many other genres nowadays are all about showing off a certain lifestyle, country music more often than not is about enjoying the outdoors and the people around you.


Aside from just being uplifting and positive, a lot of country songs celebrate life in the USA. It makes sense given the all-American history of the genre. While there are some similar genres in other countries, for the most part country music is an American thing, and we like it that way! It came out of the folk and blues music in the South, and it spread its way across the vast beauty of America. Country music makes people feel proud of their country and a great reason why country music is the best.

Country Music is Best

Modern Hits Are as Good as the Classics

Like all types of music, country has gone through some changes over the years. You might prefer the raw sound of the old timers, or maybe you like the evolved crispness of the new artists. But, whether your favorite is Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, or Blake Shelton, most people agree that all the eras of country had nice sounds.

Great for Dancing

If you haven’t tried dancing to country music, then you’ve never really listened to it! Unlike many other forms of popular music, country dancing allows you to get out and get involved with a group of people, so it has an extra social aspect. You can try one of the Two-Step forms, or a Western group like the Line or Square dance. There’s something nice and old-fashioned about dancing with a partner or in a group, which makes going out and dancing to country music such a great time!

Don’t be shy about trying to learn some dancing. It’s fairly easy compared to other types (like Salsa or Tango) and learning to get the steps down is always fun. At the Grizzly Rose we offer a variety of dance lessons for both individuals and couples.

Why Country is the Best Type of Music

Clean Lyrics

Another benefit of country music is that most of it is family friendly. It very rarely has any bad words or other questionable lyrics, so you won’t find yourself covering the ears of little cowboys and cowgirls listening along. And when you mix that with the first point about family values, you find that country music is a great art form to create an activity for families of all ages.

Brings People Together

Whether you’re young, or old, or single, or parents of five, there are plenty of ways country music can bring you together as a social activity. Putting it on the speakers while hanging out at home really puts on a nice background, but going to a dance hall or live concert give you a more active way to make use of your cowboy boots. There are songs that are perfect for romantic dates, and others that really liven up a backyard barbecue. Country music is a great way to bring people together.

Why Country Music is the Best

Cowboy Fashion

Speaking of cowboy boots, one of the most fun parts of country music is the fashion around it. Inspired by the Wild West, everyone gets to wear boots, hats, belt buckles, checkered shirts, and all the other fun gear designed for roaming the plains on horseback. Fortunately, this gives the freedom to be at the height of fashion without needing to hold up a stagecoach to pay for it, and the different variations make it possible for people of all ages and body tops to look good.

Grab Your Dancin’ Boots!

Of course, this list could go on forever about all the wonders of country music, but we’re sure you’re already convinced! If you aren’t convinced that country music is the best, then come on by the Grizzly Rose and we will show you why it’s such a fantastic good time!