Chase Bryant Grizzly Rose

We are excited to be hosting Chase Bryant on Friday, March 31st at 8:00pm.

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We had the chance to interview Chase to learn a bit more about his band.

Have you played a show at the Grizzly Rose before?

I have! The first show we ever played there was a big sell out show! Let’s do it again!

We are always curious as to what musicians are listening to. Who is an artist in any genre that you are into at the moment?

The 1975’s. The melodies are so incredibly infectious!

Life as an artist means you are on the road a lot. How do you keep yourself entertained while you are on the road?

Sleep as much as I can! I’m an early riser however! I love the newspaper. I know I sound like a hundred years old!

Tell us something that your fans probably wouldn’t expect about your band?

We’re all a bunch of neat freaks! A clean bus is a happy bus!

What is the most memorable show that you were in attendance for that impacted you as an artist?

Man, that’s tough! Probably Bryan White or Steve Wariner!

Chase Bryant Grizzly Rose Interview

What about your favorite show that you played in?

The first Grizzly Rose show. It was for me and my entire band!

Let’s talk about ‘being country.’ Was there a time in your life where you really felt like you embodied the country lifestyle?

Must have been county fairs showing goats, cows, and chickens! Haha…

When you are not on the road or playing music, what are you doing?

Either hunting, fishing, or cooking! I love all three. They all run hand in hand!

Is there a part about being a country musician that you don’t like?

Actually, thinking about what I’d do if I wasn’t a musician! It’s the greatest feeling I’ve ever known.

Is there a particular song that you prefer to perform live?

I love playing some covers. Anything from The Chainsmokers, to Stevie Wonder!

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