Michael Ray Interview

Michael Ray at the Grizzly Rose Saturday, October 22nd. Tickets: https://goo.gl/5u0Mzc   Why/how did you decide to become a musician? Grew up in Eustis with his family’s band his granpa dad uncles and cousins all played. You could say…
History of Two Step
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History of the Two Step

All fans of country music know that it was absolutely made for dancing, and there are plenty of different styles that you can let loose to. One of the most popular types is the Two Step, and this is one that you have to try if you haven’t…
Exile Country Music Live Performance
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Exile Interview

Exile has been gracing the ears of country music fans for over 40 years. What started as a rock band and eventually transformed into playing country music, Exile has played music all over the world. At the Grizzly Rose we recently had the…
Country Music Festivals
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2016 Upcoming Country Music Festivals

It’s obvious that your favorite place to see country music concerts is at the Grizzly Rose, but you shouldn’t limit yourself to just one amazing place. A ton of country music festivals will be held all over the nation (and a few outside…
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History of Country Music

You obviously love the hootin’ and a hollerin’ good times that come out of listening to country music, but how much do you know about where it all started?  The square dancing and concerts you attend are pretty far removed from the first…