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Romantic Country Songs

At Grizzly Rose, we love country music! Lucky for us that February is the ultimate month to celebrate that love. With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, it is natural for country and western enthusiasts to break out their collection of country love songs. What makes a romantic country song a sure hit? Country love songs are unique. Their writers have a special ability to produce heartwarming lyrics that tell sad stories like “Lucille” by Kenny Rogers. Overall, romantic country songs are as pure and simple as Kenny Chesney’s “You Had Me from Hello” and Lonestar’s uncomplicated “Simple as That”.

Below is our list of favorite romantic country songs! As a bonus, one of our favorite country artists is appearing at the Grizzly Rose this weekend and we have more exciting performances coming in March. For a complete list of upcoming events, go here.

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Best Romantic Country Songs

Randy Houser

There are many excellent ones from which to choose. Some are classics. But, many are sung by current stars like Randy Houser who will appear at Grizzly Rose this weekend.

His most recent hit, “Our Hearts” declares:

We ain’t been alone since the day 
We met 
And we can’t keep our hands to ourselves 
It’s almost wrong how we get…

Something about me
Something about us
We didn’t know that we could fall this hard
But we gave this thing one hell of a start
Picked up each other’s pieces and parts
And said, “Hey baby, these are our hearts”
Yeah these are our hearts.

Randy Houser has also wowed audiences with other country love song hits including his 2013 titled, “Wherever Love Goes.” Also be sure to check out his 2008 hits, “Lie”, “Something Real” and “My Baby.” Randy’s 2016 love song, “Back” from his album Fired Up had everyone up dancing with their sweethearts. Be sure to check out his big hit “How Country Feels,” too. We love jammin’ Randy Houser tunes all February long!

While Randy Houser commands the stage with his modern country love songs, another Randy had two classic love song hits. One was the title song for his album Forever and Ever Amen. The other, “I Told You So”, penned and sung by Randy on his 1983 album Live at the Nashville Palace. In it, the singer wonders if the woman he walked out on will ever take him back. Re-released in 2008 as a duet with Carrie Underwood, “I Told You So” again hit the top of the charts.

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Randy Travis

What could be more touching than Randy Travis’ perennial lyrics to “Forever and Ever Amen”?

 You may think that I’m talking foolish 
You’ve heard that I’m wild and I’m free 
You may wonder how I can promise you now 
This love that I feel for you always will be

Performing onstage at Grizzly Rose in February, Joe Nichols knows his way around a love song as he proves in “Love Has a Way”  when he sings:

Baby, you’ve got me listening to love songs 
Dancing with you on the bank of this creek 
Slipping and tripping on my two left feet 
And I wonder how’m I gonna hold on?

Jordan Davis

Jordan Davis, performing at the Grizzly Rose on February 21 celebrates love when he sings, “More than I Know” with these tender words:

You love like a wildfire 
Light me up like a live wire 
But I can’t get enough 
You kiss like a hurricane

It definitely made our Valentine’s list and we’re happy to see his live performance shortly after the love holiday weekend. Be sure to get tickets to see Jordan Davis featuring Hailey Whitters in Denver. It’s a show you don’t want to miss!

Clay Walker

March performers at Grizzly Rose include Clay Walker. With a career spanning a decade from 1997 to 2007, Clay has had over a dozen romantic country songs. He’s one of our favorite country artists and an amazing performer. If you get the chance, be sure to enjoy some of his more romantic tunes with your significant other this month. Jam in the car or in your home! We’re excited to catch his live show on March 6 and March 7.

Love to be Your Last” was released in 2007. In it, Clay sings:

If I had it my way 
This would be the first time that you made love 
I’d be the first man that your hands touched 
But we’ve both done our share of living.

Released the same year, “It Ain’t Pretty” declares:

It ain’t pretty, but it’s beautiful 
Life ain’t perfect, but it’s wonderful 
We’re all broken, but we’re loveable 
It ain’t pretty, but it’s beautiful.

Other frequently requested Clay Walker country love songs include: “The Chain of Love”, “Once in a Lifetime Love”, “How to Make a Man Lonesome”, “She’s Easy to Hold” and “Country Boy, City Girl”.

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Runaway June

Don’t miss our last performance in February, because it’s going to be a great one! The female group “Runaway June” performing at Grizzly Rose on February 29 shows its male counterparts that love stories are sometimes better told from a female perspective. Their sets include such 2019 country love songs as: “Buy My Own Drinks”, “Trouble with this Town”, “Good, Bad, and Ugly” and a crowd favorite “Blue Roses” with the audience belting out the echoes:

In my dreams (Dreams, dreams) 
You reach out for me 
In my dreams (Dreams, dreams) s
I reach out for you…

Alan Jackson

Alan Jackson continues to pull the heartstrings of couples of all ages with his tender ballad, “Remember When” when he sings:

Remember when I was young and so were you 
And time stood still and love was all we knew 
You were the first, so was I 
We made love and then you cried…

We’ll remember when. 

Sure! It’s true. Many country songwriters pen their thoughts about drinkin’ and cheatin’. However, country songs will always best serve up songs about loving and losing. A perennial country love song, George Jones’ tearjerker, “He Stopped Lovin’ Her Today” says,

He stopped loving her today
They placed a wreath upon his door
And soon they’ll carry him away
He stopped loving her today.

What are the greatest romantic country songs of all time? Ask any ten people and you’d likely get ten different answers with good reasons for their choice. However, you are almost certain to hear these selections: George Strait’s “Love is Everything” and “You Look so Good in Love”.

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Top Country Love Songs

Classic romantic duets include “When I Said I Do,” by Clint Black and his wife, Lisa Hartman Black. Their poignant duet put them right up there with George Jones’ and Tammy Wynette’s “Golden Rings’ and “We’re Gonna Hold On” and “It’s Your Love,” by Tim McGraw and his wife, Faith Hill.

Also in the running for top romantic country songs are “Need You Now,” Lady Antebellum, “Mama He’s Crazy,” by The Judds, “I Will Always Love You” by Dolly Parton, “Little Moments,” by Brad Paisley, and “Still the One” by Shania Twain.

Country greats like Blake Shelton, Keith Urban, Rascall Flatts, and Josh Turner have made their mark singing romantic country songs. Many recall a romantic country song as being “their song”. Garth Brooks’ hits “To Make You Feel My Love”, “The Dance”, “If Tomorrow Never Comes” and “More than a Memory” are popular special song choices.

Kenny Rogers’ “Every Time Two Fools Collide”, “Love Lifted Me”, “We’ve Got Tonight” and “All I Ever Need is You” have been wedding couples’ choices for that all-important first dance at their wedding reception.

If you are like 65% of American men, you haven’t made plans for Valentine’s Day. Why not come on down to Grizzly Rose and enjoy our fabulous Valentine’s Day show? At the very least, you could put on some of these romantic country songs and open a bottle of wine to celebrate with your significant other.