Stoney LaRue Interview

We are very excited for our upcoming show with Stoney LaRue! We had the chance to interview Stoney so that you can learn a bit more about him as an artist.

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Stoney La Rue Grizzly Rose

Have you played at the Grizzly Rose before?

Yes I’ve been playing the grizzly Rose now for about 10 years or so. One of my favorite venues.

You’re a native Texan who now lives in Oklahoma. We’ve got to ask. Which do you prefer?

Honestly, it’s just a river that separates us, that being said, the more I travel the more I found out how similar we are in stead of how different we are.

In your entire career as a musician, what song are you the most proud of?

Probably velvet. Got to really stretch out my my brain wings with a little existential thinking.

Can you talk to us a little bit about why you decided to take a hiatus from touring for awhile?

Recalibration. I’ve been touring for 19 years now and that was the first 30 day stint that I’ve taken off. Everyone needs time to recharge.

Stoney LaRue Photo

You’ve played a lot of shows in a lot of different places throughout your career. What are the top 3 that stick out in your mind as the most memorable?

Sitka, Alaska at the native community native building. Terminal five in New York City. and Medona, Italy where I got to help roast a hog before I played!

You’ve got to team up and go on tour with an artist of a completely different genre. Who would you choose and why?

Off the top of my head I’d say Justin Timberlake because he’s a very well rounded entertainer. I feel like I could learn something.

Who inspired you to become a musician?

I was told that I was singing before I was talking. I used to have dreams as a child about being on stage and performing. So I guess the higher power is my

Besides music what are some other things you like to do?

There’s nothing besides music. I enjoy being a father my kids are everything. Other than that my life is music.

Your music has been described as ‘real life, thinking man’s music.’ Can you explain a little bit about what this means?

I have a hard time writing about things that I haven’t experienced. Also like to look at life and what’s around me in a way that doesn’t seem so topical.

What’s something about you that most people would not expect?

I am an avid lover of the stars and the universe, and I listen primarily to the grateful dead.