Looking for a fun way to beat the summer heat? Maybe it’s time to take part in one of Colorado’s favorite pastimes – river tubing. With a ton of rivers in Colorado, this unique way to enjoy the views – and perhaps a few brews – of this beautiful state is a must.

Grab some of your friends, an inner tube or two, and pick a river. Different stretches of rivers surrounding Denver offer different speeds. Long stretches of the South Platte River, for example, are perfect for a slow and lazy float. In contrast, Clear Creek and Colorado River offer adrenaline-pumping whitewater rapids perfect for a more adventure set. Here are some spots for the best river tubing in Colorado.

River Tubing in Colorado

South Platte River

Enjoying the whole South Platte River may take certain conditions over the season. Luckily for you, the best parts run right by Denver. This makes it a convenient trip for both locals and visitors to the Grizzly Rose.

Unlike other rivers in Colorado, short journeys through sections of the river are better than traveling the entire thing.

Many parts of the river slow down considerably, making the journey a bit too long or difficult for comfort.

If you catch the river at Confluence Park in Downtown Denver, you’ll enjoy several whitewater conditions with your pals. This location is just 5 short miles from the Grizzly Rose. However, if you’d prefer a longer, lazy float with a drink in your hand and easy conversation, catch the river up north of Denver at Littleton and start your journey down!

South Platte River Tubing

Clear Creek Whitewater Park

Just 20 minutes from the Grizzly Rose, Clear Creek Whitewater Park in Golden, CO is one of the best river tubing locations in the state. Many outdoor enthusiasts regularly visit the Whitewater Park here. It has several collections of rapids that make for a fun day of tubing, as well as frequent waves and shocking drops.

Besides its thrilling rapids and whitewater features, Clear Creek also has many smooth waters for lazy drifters upriver from the park.

Parking may take some strategizing, but tubing these stretches is as simple as picking a spot and wading in! It’s free to enjoy Clear Creek, but you will need to bring a tube.

 River Tubing Colorado

Glenwood Springs

Although Glenwood Springs is approximately two and a half hours away from the Grizzly Rose, this spot and the surrounding areas make for a great day trip. We recommend bringing a group of your best pals to tube together, and then grab a bite to eat in town after!

The Colorado River runs past Glenwood Springs, which means there are plenty of tubing rentals and tour packages available from vendors in the area.

The Colorado River winds through a huge portion of the state, offering diversity in its waters for the discerning tuber. In particular, its’ long stretches and diverse areas of rapids, smooth waters, drops and waves make it incredibly exciting. Your journey down the Colorado River can be as short or long as you please, but be aware of water conditions and areas along the river that are not recommended because of higher class rapids.

St Vrain Creek Tubing

North St. Vrain Creek

North St. Vrain Creek is approximately 30 minutes north of Denver. The rich forests and rolling foothills make for gorgeous scenery while floating the river, but some caution is required. Both sections of the creek run through town, and through private residences, construction sites and more. Be respectful of your surroundings and heed any signs or rules you come across to best enjoy this river tubing experience.

This river tubing location is best for adrenaline junkies, and experienced in May and June when waters are high.

When flows are highest, there are several diversion holes and structures. These create an adventurous and fun-filled experience down the river.