Best Horseback Riding Near Denver

Colorado is one of the best horseback riding destinations in the world and anyone looking to experience the scenic mountains and fresh air while riding a horse should look no further than the Centennial state. If you’re looking for something quick and easy to rent, there are plenty of fantastic stables that offer horseback riding services. You will enjoy expertly trained horses. If you’re an expert yourself, perhaps you’ll want to find a trail or two that’s more fitting for your skill level, or even less crowded. We’ve got the information you are looking for no matter what your situation.

Horse Riding Trails Colorado

If you’re looking to rent and ride…

There’s no shame in wanting a hassle-free trip. Sometimes your horse needs a break, or you want to introduce the wonders of horseback riding to your family. These stables offer trained trail horses and guided trail rides that will ensure you have an enjoyable trip!

A&A Historical Trails

Distance from Denver: 40 miles

Why limit yourself when A&A Historical Trails offers a diverse selection of rides ranging from graveyard trails, rides to the gold mines, or even a ride out to one of the Colorado Casinos. Riders looking for a unique experience should be sure to check out A&A Historical Trail’s site to find the perfect ride. Should none of the listed rides suit your fancy, they also offer personalized rides where you can set the destination!

Estes Park Stable

Distance from Denver: 70 miles

A very short trip to the north-west of Denver will land you near Estes Park, where you’ll have plenty of scenic land to enjoy on horseback with these trained horses. Their horses provide a safe ride for all ages, and with your expert trail guide you’re sure to experience the best these trails have to offer. The riding trails offered by Estes Park Stable vary from as short as an hour to as long as three hours, and they also offer breakfast and dinner rides.

Horse Riding Near Denver

Stable on the White River

Distance from Denver: 38 miles

More experienced riders will be pleased to know that Stable on the White River offers unguided riding as well as guided scenic trails. Stable on the White River offers horses and pack equipment for rent by the day, allowing you to spend a few days out in the wilderness to rest your soul. If you’re not too keen on being out in the wild with just your wits and a horse don’t worry as guided scenic trail rides are also offered.

Continental Divide Ride

Distance from Denver: 160 miles

This historic and unique ride will take you across 26 miles of Rocky Mountain high country, using the same route the Ute tribe used over a century ago. You’ll be able to experience dramatic landscape changes as you traverse from the grassy meadows to the rocky slopes. You’ll be expertly guided along the trail to be ahead of other hikers, and ahead of the weather. The high altitude winds can be chilly, so be sure to bring a jacket!

This unique ride is only offered on specified dates in August, please be sure to visit their page here to double check the available dates.

Moraine Park Stable

Distance from Denver: 70 miles

The Moraine Park Stable offers family friendly guides of the Rocky Mountain National Park. Their rides offer plenty of options for riders looking for shorter or longer trips. Those looking to dip their toe into horseback riding will want to try the Trail to Beaver Meadows. If you’re looking for an all-day ride, try their eight hour ride that takes you to see all of the sights the valley has to offer.

If you’re looking for a truly memorable ride, this is the one for you.

Best Horseback Riding Near Denver

If you’re bringing your horse companion…

There’s no competition, your horse is your best friend when it comes to traveling. You want your pal to experience the same wonders of nature as you! These trails and locations won’t have guided tours, but they’ll have plenty of solitude and time for you and your horse to relax.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Distance from Denver: 68 miles

It should go without saying that national parks offer beautiful scenery and safe landscapes to traverse. If you’re looking to cover serious distance of across the beautiful Rockies, then pony up and ride along the rushing rivers.

Maroon Bells

Distance from Denver: 169 miles

These might be the most photographed peaks in Colorado, but it’s not without good reason! These peaks are gorgeous wonders of beauty that deserve the personal trip up. Your horse will also have a moment to enjoy themselves at the glass-like lake just below the aspens. Pack a camera with your gear, because you’ll want to brag about this beautiful sight.