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Denver’s Rank For Best Beer City

Recently the Thrillist rated the 16 Best Beer Cities in America by factoring in influence, breweries, history, impact, culture, and a little personal bias they added. Speaking of personal bias, when checking out the list we figured Denver should be topping the charts as the #1 Best Beer Drinking city; however, that spot was filled by Portland […]

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Old West Museums in Denver

It’s well known that Denver has a wild history in the Old West. But, a lot of city slickers think that the modern vibe has taken away any feelings of wandering the prairie like the good old days. Fortunately, that’s not the case! Grizzly Rose isn’t the only place where you’ll fit in with boots […]

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History of Country Music

You obviously love the hootin’ and a hollerin’ good times that come out of listening to country music, but how much do you know about where it all started?  The square dancing and concerts you attend are pretty far removed from the first musicians who picked up an instrument and started singing away.  So pull […]

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The Baddest Country Outlaws

Country music has always been connected with cowboys roaming the vast expanses of the Wild West. But it comes as no surprise that plenty of these cowboys were outlaws. You don’t have to support robbing trains, having shootouts at high noon, or causing a brawl over a hand of cards, but you can still admit […]


Rising Country Star 2016

Over the last month, we conducted a poll to discover who is the best rising country star in 2016? Users were allowed to submit their own choices for their favorite artist and we received over 20,000 votes on the poll. Jason Sain & the Foolhearted received 5,058 votes which amounted to 23.36% of the total votes, […]

Who is the Best Rising Country Artist 2016

Vote on who you think is, or will be, the best up and coming country artist! [yop_poll id=”1″] The add your own option has been REMOVED due to many artists listed more then once. If you would like an artist added please message us on our Facebook page!  


The History of the Honky Tonk

The definition of a Honky Tonk is ‘the name given to a type of bar that provides country music for entertainment to its patrons.’ This name has also been applied to a variety of music genre’s centering around a country theme. Whether it’s referring to a local country bar or a new favorite track, the term is still widely used today, but the question is, where did this quirky term originate from?